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The first instalment of this blog series will be an investigation into the best composition of the apartments to be included in my studio 10 project, that said what combination of apartment sizes, and what percentage of each type will be included.

This will be achieved through market based research, looking at current day precedents within the same city as my studio 10 project and isolating what apartment types are included within these projects, and how they are broken down within the project.

The Bohem development on Whitmore Square features 220 apartments, ranging across one, two and three bedroom apartments, the exact break down off apartments is unknown, however, looking across the 4 published floor plans the focus is clearly on one and two bedrooms with unit numbers sitting at 40 and 33 retrospectively.[1]

The Eclipse development however is a different situation, here there is a clear focus on the two bedroom apartment, making up almost 60% of the 272 apartments, with 56 one bedroom apartments and 52 three bedroom apartments making up the remainder of the project.[2]

Vue, on king William is another upcoming apartment building in the Adelaide CBD, like Bohem, the exact breakdown of apartment numbers is unavailable. From the four floor plans made available, there is a clear preference within the development for one and two bedroom apartments, with 23 one bedroom and 15 two bedroom across these levels. The total number of apartments sits at 205.[3]

The Final precedent in this market research study is U2 on Waymouth Street, like many of the projects, the exact number of apartments has not been made public, however, their is a clear focus on multiple tenancy living, with one, two and three bedroom apartments as well as ‘dual key’ apartments, which is essentially two studio apartments contained within the one apartment.[4]


[1] http://bohem.com.au

[2] http://www.propertyobserver.com.au/finding/residential-investment/new-developments/40144-eclipse-29-storey-adelaide-highrise-residential-proposed.html

[3] http://vueonkingwilliam.com.au

[4] http://U2onwaymouth.com/

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