The simplistic stacked modular apartment tower formed early in the development process of studio 10, presents as an ‘ugly duckling’ of the studio 10 scheme.

Positioned in a unique and prestigious site, the project as a hole should mimic these traits, currently lacking in the residential component of the project.

Through development of the scheme and research into alternative precedents , reveal the apartment tower segment of the scheme isn’t as far from achieving this desired outcome in its current form as what first appears.

The inhabit blog reveals the Fuzhou Shouxi Building [Fig.1], by Next architects, which uses an undulating flor plan and randomised balcony that doesnt blindly follow the boundaries of the apartments to create unique and invideal spaces with the apartments and thus avoiding repetition.[1]

The QV2 [fig.2] apartment complex, which interesting from certain angles very closely resembles part of the Fuzhou Shouxi Building, reveals that certain apartment layouts within the building very closely resemble that of my current studio 10 project, all be it more rectilinear in the case of studio 10, specifically the centrally located two bedroom apartment[fig.3].[2]

Bringing these two ideas into studio 10 will drastically manipulate the perceived image of the project whilst retaining a large portion of the work that has already been done, not only in the design of the individual apartments them self, but also the broader ancillary facilities as well.







Fig.1 –http://www.archdaily.com/771551/fuzhou-shouxi-building-next- architects
Fig.2 –http://www.mcbridecharlesryan.com.au/#/projects/qvii/
Fig.3 –http://www.mcbridecharlesryan.com.au/#/projects/qvii/

[1] http://inhabitat.com/next-architects-reveals-the-undulating-shouxi-stone-inspired-fuzhou-apartment-complex/shouxi-stone-apartments-next-1/?extend=1

[2] http://www.mcbridecharlesryan.com.au/#/projects/qvii/


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