“Mahü” – Clutter / Zeug.

The above image is a reposting from the an architecture blog, specifically the posting “Mahü” – Clutter / Zeug. The posting is simply of the image with no explaining text, only a title, Viel Zeug / Much clutter.

The image is of a small public space in Austria, along the Mariahilfer Straß. However even with a lack of a written explanation, the message is explicitly clear.

The photo defines how significant impact clutter can have on the feeling of public spaces, simply by removing a spall amount of clutter, being a handful of signs and bins.

By doing this, the space becomes more appealing to the public, and generally a more welcoming space, whilst also building on the feeling of open space.

Whilst it will not always be practical or possible to remove all such items from public spaces, it then raises the question, How to better integrate these items within public spaces without creating the sense that the space is filled with clutter ?


“An Architecture: “Mahü” – Clutter / Zeug.” An Architecture: “Mahü” – Clutter / Zeug. August 15, 2015. Accessed September 29, 2015.


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